originally posted May 22nd, 2023 at https://www.instagram.com/p/CsjuzBMyi6o/
(spelling slightly corrected)
Been hoping to not have to do this but I must for the foreseeable future consider myself retired from playing live shows. For the last 2 years I've been dealing with strange muscle spasms that can even be called seizures in my left arm and cause my hand to claw up. Naturally with my heart history the concern for stroke or heart attack was my fear. Right away it was evident it wasn't my heart and 2 long years of searching for an answer began. Last year I thought I could manage it enough to do some shows only to become very aware that any stress, anxiety or anger trigger what I can only call seizures that became very painful and lasted 1-2 hours at a time. When I finally got a diagnosis it was disappointing to say the least. I was told I have a rare genetic disorder called "Paroxysmal non kinesigenic dyskinesia". I am currently exploring any and all options for treatment and try to keep an outlook of possibly playing shows again but until I can guarantee I can not only play but at a level I expect from myself the 2 festivals I booked this year I have to cancel my appearances for. I'm truly sorry about any inconvenience and let down, trust it can't compare to my personal disappointment. Been a rough couple years for your boy lol. I'm not dying from this but there have been a few really dark nights that almost took me out. My children, my friends, mostly long time ones and a new one or two, and my little buddy Söze kept me in the game so to speak. If you're the praying kind it can't hurt. The few people that have known what's going on thank you for checking in and on me. Even if you didn't hear back a time or two know that check in meant the world. I'm not angry or bitter about any of it. If I never do anything again I had a pretty amazing run in a business that eats folks alive for 30+ years thank you all. I have many more chapters to write. Also stay alert for Dr Greenthumb food and beverage company. We got big things coming. Thank you for caring thank you for listening and I still plan on writing and recording and maybe some producing so we'll see what comes of that. Love you all, now go love each other please. Sincerely, Erik